How to assess ERP programming for your business?Before executing an ERP software for your business organization, a full and legitimate assessment of your business needs and what the suggested ERP programming offers ought to should be compared.Key concerns should be explained: 1. About your business:

·What are your cycles?·Where do they potentially separate? ·What do you expect your new ERP programming to accomplish? ·What are your specific demands?2. About the ERP programming:·How does the service of the product address the business' issues? ·Is the product appropriate for SMEs? ·Has the framework has been created with genuine domain knowledge of my industry? ·What expenses are related with the ERP software, its installation and post implementation support?Apart when you have explained to these inquiries, should you push forward and focus on an ERP answer for your organization's business necessities.Right off the bat, you have to know precisely what are the cycles inside your i…


Requirement for ERP in UAEUAE, one of the best and searched after Asian nations with the federation of seven emirates that has grown from a quiet backwater to one of the Middle East's most important economic centers. UAE is creating and improving innovatively and industrially at a magnificent speed. With a normal of 13% upward yearly development, liberal system, and sensibly consistent economic situations, setting up a business of any sort in UAE is almost certain a simple assignment contrasted with the other GCC nations.Why you need an ERP?In this generation, what is important is the means by which adequately and gainfully you can run your customized ERP for business organizations in Dubai for ideal outcomes and development. Cloud-based arrangements have assumed control over the outfit, and ERP runs on it instead of the old and disorderly paper frameworks and SAP frameworks. An ideal ERP lets you deal with your business with expanded proficiency and profitability at twofold or tr…


A sales invoice can be simply defining as the request of payment from the customer for goods sold or services provided by the seller. An invoice generally provides the item description and quantity of the item sold or service provided. The document is also a record of the sales, for both the seller and the buyer.
To create a SALES INVOICE in FactsERP , go to transactions menu à select SALES à then select SALES INVOICE